Spicy Spain & Apartment Tour

Bonjour my loves,

After what seemed like the most tiring week, I am back with more exciting news and a little look inside my Parisian life! As I mentioned in my prior blog post, I went to Barcelona, Spain for the weekend to celebrate Monique’s birthday, and since I’ve been back I’ve been doing school work and basically just partying my worries away! I also promised in my very first blog post an apartment tour, which was put on hold since so many fun things happened in-between, but I will include some pictures of my petit maison here in Paris. This is going to be more of a visual blog post, but I’ll try to explain as much as I can.

Spain:Spain is absolutely gorgeous, and I would go back any day, anytime.  The first day we got there, we went around and explored and went to the beach (which is one of my favourite places to go) and went shopping, because what else do I ever do. Later on went to the club where I was so turnt and basically almost broke my neck in the new heels I bought, 200_s.gif

but I’m all better now!  The next day was spent paddle boarding, doing some more sight seeing and of course partying once again! Here are some pictures from the trip taken by myself and my amazing friend Monique!

Shoes on the left: High Heel Velvet Ankle Boots, Right: Evening wear high heeled sandals



My friend Monique also has a Barcelona video coming tomorrow, so I’ll link that in the comments when it comes out for everyone to watch and get a more in depth view at our wonderful weekend!

House Tour:

I have been promising this house tour for too long, so here is the tour of the main space of my apartment and a little bit out of the outside!

So to start off I live in the 9eme in Paris, which is just a 10 minute subway ride to just about anywhere! The featured image of this blog post is the street, but her’s another look at it.  There’s a bunch of super cute cafes and restaurants all around.Parijsgroot.gif


Next is my little main living area, the couch with all my pillows and of course my furry white carpets you’ll notice all over the apartment.  I also added a little make up desk with drawers, which is also where I’ll work on my blog or other school work with of course a million pictures of all my family and friends.


Next to my window, across from my little work station above, there’s my closet where I keep most of my clothes and shoes. RAD_0099.jpg

Moving onto my kitchen, it’s actually very modern for a Parisian apartment, but I love it.  If you know me, you’ll know I love cooking so I spend quite a little bit of time here.


Last is my little entry way, my entire wardrobe is mainly just made out of jackets, so I had to get a separate clothing rack to fit them all.

I hope you all enjoyed the little look into my home and (most) of you are more than welcome to visit anytime ;).   I have to go pack now because I have a 2 week break from school, so tomorrow I am going to Sicily, Italy to soak up some sun.  I’ll be going along the coast to 2 different beaches so get ready for more pictures and videos from there ! Until my next blog post is up, you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat to keep up!

Au revoir mon amour!



Song of the Week: Crush — Yuna ft. Usher


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