About Last Night #PFW17

Bonjour everyone,

I know I know, I haven’t posted a post in a very very long time.  I’ve been super busy with school, traveling back to Toronto, fashion week, working out, modelling, networking, the list really goes on.  I feel like I have turned over a new leaf and have really started becoming a better me who really knows what she wants.  So I have changed up my blog a little and will be posting way more.  I am super excited about all the new things that will be coming up, and I can’t wait to share them with you all.

As the end of another amazing fashion week, the highlights of the week were all the parties.  The parties had me extremely wavy (if you know what I mean), and definitely made for an unforgettable fashion week (although some parts are not remembered for other reasons).



Wednesday Night

Ferrari Concept Party

This party took place at the legendary Silencio.  If you live in Paris or have ever visited Paris you know this is one of the coolest clubs with it’s great vibes and hidden rooms.  Although the people were cool and the open bar was of course the thing that caught my eye, but for a hip hop enthusiast like me, the music did fall short.  After being there for about an hour I decided to leave because sometimes you just need to dance the night away.

YSL Beauty Party

This party was at the most amazing location.  If you follow YSL Beauty on Instagram, you’ll see the event was very star-studded and it had a cool lighting corner to take some sick shots.  The music at this party was a little better than the last, although the people were the party.  Everyone who was in this party was elite, making it definitely one of the best places to make connections and really go wild.  If you missed it this fashion week, it’s for sure a must go to next fashion week.  Thank you YSL Beauty for having me.

Thursday Night

Le Pompon

Seeing as I was still recovering from the 2 parties the previous night, this was a more chill night.  Le Pompon is one of my personal favourite places to go to whether it’s fashion week or not.  Good music, good drinks, and very good people.  Definitely the place to go if you love hip hop music and want to hang out in a room and dance your butt off with cool people.


Friday Night

L’arc & Le Pompon

If you’re on the hunt to hang out with celebrities during fashion week and really feel famous L’arc is the place to go.  This club is very dressy and is where all the celebrities go for official after parties.  L’arc hosted the parties for Tyga, Travis Scott, Rihanna, The Weeknd, etc. so I definitely recommend it, although it is quite squishy once you’re inside. After it became a bit too packed for my liking, I once again headed to Le Pompon for more dance space which is usually the after party spot after about 2/3 am when L’arc gets too hectic.

Saturday Night


Once again back at Silenco, although this party was one of my favourite of the week.  When I first got to the event there were about 300 people outside just hoping to get in, but without a VIP bracelet, you were bound to be stuck outside for the whole night.  With all the hidden rooms, amazing DJ line up, and up and coming people, this was THE party to go to if you’re into a more cool underground vibe.  Lots of models and rappers which are my 2 favourite types of people to surround myself with.  Photos below taken by Anthony Foudil.



Monday Night

Off White x Boys Noize

After a day of rest, the last party of fashion week was definitley my favourite night of the week.  First we started off at the Off White Party with Virgil giving the crowd an amazing DJ set (as always).  Jaiden Smith made an appearance and although the crowd was amazing, with my 2005 inspired “Gwen Stefani” look, it was just getting a bit too crowded with too many photographers so we changed locations.  Cartel Club held the most epic after party with the most amazing music.  Everyone from the Off White party was there to party some more, seeing as after Virgil’s set the party seemed to have died off.



That’s all for this new post on all the fashion week parties! As I continue to work with other photographers and brands I’ll post more, or just everyday life.  A huge shoutout to my manager Charlotte for pushing me to start party blogging, and all the photographers that helped make these photos possible.  Be sure to check out below some more shots of the Off White x Boys Noize party taken by the best party photographer Jacob Khrist.


Au revoir mon amour!




Songs of the week:

Pull Up Wit Ah Stick x SahBabii feat. Lost Loaded

Mask Off x Future

Let’s Go x Khalid


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