How to Slay 2018

Bonsoir babes,

I know I haven’t posted in forever, but I’m back and I’m better.  I started 2018 with a bit of a rocky start because I was beyond sick, but I’m ready to make this the best year yet.  2017 brought so many blessings, but I’m ready to bring everything to the next level.  Personally, fashion wise, & work wise.  So here are the ways I will be working to make sure I slay 2018.


1- Positive Energy

What comes easy, will never be what you want.  I have so much from 2017 that I have had to work so hard for, but the most important is good vibes.  The law of attraction is really the only clear way of describing it: “The belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.”  For example, I have never been the type to think that I need a man, but just being open to loving people, and to people who will support and care for me, has brought some of the most amazing people into my life.  I’m blessed to have people who support me and want the best for me.  With positive energy, you will truly bring in everything you need and more.


2- Killer Style

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”– But when living with Instagram as the biggest social media network, that’s exactly what we all do.  Whether you’re confident in yourself, or a little self conscious– a killer outfit can bring your confidence to a whole new level.  Looking good makes you feel good.  I’ve really been focusing on building my wardrobe the past few months to how I see myself, and want to be seen by other.  I’ve attached some of my newest favourite pieces from some online stores.

I.AM.GIA x Cobain Pants
AREYOUAMI x Nixy Turtleneck Top
Unsalted Honey x Salem Hoops

3- Speak Your Mind

I used to be so scared to confront anyone, no matter what the situation.  But I’ve learned that I deserve the best, and to get the best you need to fight for it.  It’s important to give your thoughts on all important issues, and ensure that everyone YOU chose to have in your life, deserve to be there.  #wasteNOONEStime2018


4- Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

OWN IT!  I know it’s hard to feel comfortable in your own skin sometimes, especially with all the perfect models we see everywhere, but girl you need to own it! Own being yourself! No one’s ever going to love you like you love you.  You need to not be afraid of what others are going to think.  If you want to post a half naked picture, be proud. I’ve made so many positive changes to my health in 2017, and I’m not slowing down in 2018.  Flaunt it! People will always have something to say, so why not give them something to talk about?

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 3.47.06 PM.png

5- Get Out There

I can personally sleep for days on end, but I’m leaving that in 2017.  Of course sleep and rest is important for your body and soul, but leave your house! Get out there, get to know some new people and I promise it will only benefit you in the future.  Old friends are great, and a must; making new friends makes you feel so much more confident and that you still have IT.  Get out there & meet new people.



Hope you guys enjoyed this little post.  I’ll be going to NYFW in February so be sure to follow my Instagram so see all my outfits and cool events I’ll be attending.  Let’s make 2018 a year to remember.  You are the only person that can make it your greatest year yet.





Song of the month: Motorcycle Patches x Travis Scott & Quavo



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